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Welcome to Wolves With Wing's site. I am the director and Writor. My name is Jessica Crist (a.k.a Dawnwing). I want to make a movie about a wolf who proves anything is possible. Here is the full summary:

Dreamer is a regular wolf until he makes a wish on a star that makes him have wings. Now Dreamer finds out he is apart of a prophecy. He must kill the evil tiger lord Killagore with the element stones Horn of Fire, Wings of Change, Water of Paths, and Heart of Earth. Now Dreamer must go on a perilous journey to find the stones with some new friends that he finds on the way. Together they must kill Killagore the tiger and his evil beta Satan the murderous wolf. Figure out the wolf life and join Dreamer and friends on an amazing journey to save the world from evil. Will Dreamer succeed? Or will he die?

Become apart of this great adventure and u might be in my second book:
Wolves With Wings: Changer

Read the story and become apart of the adventure.

Auditions are OPEN. Post aditions on the Audition board page. If u have more questions message me, Dawnwing.

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